Have you ever wondered what your ring size is? Or stared at ring measurements on websites in utter confusion or are you normal?? Lol, don’t worry we have all been there. I guess it is time to form our special support group – for likeminded people like us. Not to worry, we have got the easy, perfect DIY trick for you to easily measure your ring sizes right from the comfort of your homes!

Okay, So there two easy and quick methods of taking your ring size at home. Here’s what you need;

  • Piece of tape
  • Paper and Pen
  • Measuring Chart
  • String
  • Ruler


Using a piece of paper about 4 inches long, wrap it around your intended ring finger to measure its size. Take a pen, mark where the paper overlaps. Carefully remove the paper from your finger, place it on your ruler and use the measurement in millimetres to accurately estimate your finger’s circumference. Afterwards, use the conversion chart to find your approximate ring size!


Place the measuring tape across the intended finger, Make sure it isn’t too tight or loose. Once you have gotten a perfect fit, gently remove the tape from your fingers and take note of the measurement in millimetres. Using the conversion chart, find your accurate ring size!

FYI: it’s important that you consider your knuckle size and measure multiple times to ensure accuracy. Also, make sure your fingers aren’t warm or swollen.


Size 7: 1/8 inches or 54 mm or 5.4 cm

Size 8: 1/4 inches or 57 mm or 5.7 cm

Size 9: 5/16 inches or 59 mm or 5.9 cm

Size 10: 7/16 inches or 62 mm or 6.2 cm

Size 11: 9/16 inches or 64 mm or 6.4 cm

Size 12: 5/8 inches or 67 mm or 6.7 cm

Size 13: 3/4 inches or 69 mm or 6.9 cm

Size 14: 7/8 inches or 72 mm or 7.2 cm


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