Lagos Survival Kit


“Ikeja, Ikeja, Under Bridge Ikeja”

“Madam abeg shift, no be only you want siddon for here”,
"Shey na me say make your ear-piece cut"?

Seated in the middle of Lagos Traffic or Walking under the sun after intense "Otrek" can be very frustrating. Dry, Sticky people clustering around you; your phone battery struggling on 20% as you are desperately trying to make time pass by with uncomfortable shoes, you get right?
Currently, this is a perfect description of our daily struggle in Lagos. Hustling and Bustling; trying to make ends meet. We understand how frustrating and annoying this can be, we dey for you; for better survival of this daily life, these are some of our products that can be of help.

This Fan has the perfect battery-life for this hot weather, lasting up to 8 hours nonstop. Nice design and Powers up to three speeds, this should be any Lagosian’s, Traffic Buddy. 


YOOBAO 10,000mAh POWER BANK - ₦4,700.00 

Imagine, Using your phone trying to make time pass by but your battery low, it can be heartbreaking and infuriating. This Power Bank is the best game-changer for you, with 100% compatibility, fast charging, and double USB ports. It is a MUST HAVE in your survival kit. 

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YOOBAO  ₦2,500.00

Having the perfect earphones is an absolute necessity in this crazy state, Especially when your sitting partner or neighbor thinks it’s appropriate to tell you irrelevant things about them, you just need to softly slide your earphones in and GBAM she keeps quiet, it’s like magic right?

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With the recent Okada Ban. "Otrek" has been a really big pain to everyone, your legs are aching and you still have to struggle for the bus. We have the comfiest, breathable and affordable sneakers ever. Perfect for trekking and walking long distances.

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And that’s it guys, our perfect Lagos survival kit. Specially curated for the hustle and gra-gra in Lagos.


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