We are either constantly pressing our phones or checking for new trending updates, it’s almost like a drug and we are all hooked (in a good way lol). Social Media has greatly evolved over the past few years with apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; rapidly shifting into an interactive digital age and exposing us to the amazing wonders of the internet. It’s inspiring to see how people are able to transform these apps into sustainable streams of income, Influencers like Oreoluwa (saffy_ore) are showing us limitless ways of using their creativity and skills to motivate generations of people all around the world!

Oreoluwa takes us along on her journey as an influencer, discussing her growth and creativity as a beauty influencer.

Tell us a bit more about yourself...

 I’m Osinupebi Oreoluwa Sarah, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University. A linguist, an adept makeup artist based in Lagos, a beauty influencer and a content creator.

How did you get into makeup, talk a bit about your creative journey so far, how you were able to build your brand and grow your page?

I got into makeup after the demise of my father. I had learnt different skills but makeup stood out a hundred and one per cent. My journey so far has not been a smooth ride but it keeps getting better by the day; Consistency, perseverance, great content, support from my family and friends, makes the ride enjoyable.

How would you like to describe your current creative process?

As it is now, I’m still in the process of growing. I’m growing into becoming a better creative or artist. As a creative or an artist, you have to be able to broaden your job profile or at least be able to diversify and sometimes move with the trend. You know regular can be boring at times; like you just want to try something different or new.

At the moment, it feels like you are trying to diversify or change your looks, it looks really nice and creative. What made you switch from your regular makeup looks? How has this process been?

Honestly, this process has been so peaceful, fun, stressful and sometimes tasking. But we move. Content creation has to be the hardest part of being an influencer. It can be so frustrating sometimes. There are times when I am not in the mood but I just have to create content or I probably have loads of contents but not enough time to edit or the outcome of my content might not even meet up to my expectations, which means I have to repeat the process over again. Phew, God helps and bless creatives out there.

Lol sounds crazy, but what’s the hardest part of being an influencer and what do you enjoy the most about it?

What I enjoy most about being an influencer is getting paid. E dey sweet for my belle. Honestly, getting paid for what you do makes you go the extra mile; you’ll even be happy to execute the job. Also getting products and also reviewing products are really exciting. I love to receive packages and give my honest review.


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