Searching for your identity

It’s perfectly human to feel lost or confused. Sometimes, we tend to lose ourselves or sense of individuality; constantly running in circles - questioning our worth, trying to understand our minds and probably wondering if certain things are worth it. I guess it’s safe to say we have all felt this way at certain points in our lives, one way or another. Going through this inevitably exhausting feeling that always lingers at the back of our minds, somehow waiting to test our limits. Lol sounds absurd but I have come to the random conclusion that we all feel this way at least far more than often, so it’s human? I guess and it’s completely okay; all that matters is how best you try to pull yourself out of situations like this.


According to the National Institute on Mental Health (NIMH); nearly 10% of adults will experience mood swings at certain points in their lives, basically- it’s absolutely normal to feel moody or out of place once in a while. Sometimes, we tie to our environment or people around us or maybe the weather but who knows; why we can feel this way because of numerous understandable reasons. Certainly not over-emphasizing or reiterating how mentally exhausting and draining it might feel. To be honest nothing comes easy, irrespective of how hard we might try to decipher or understand our minds.


Focusing on how best we can stop this from interfering with our daily lives should be our top-most priority, learning what best works for us and creating a seamless routine targeted towards improving our daily lives. While we recognize how hard this might be, we have curated a special guide from us to anyone currently struggling or feeling the exact same way. Remember, there is always a light at the end of tunnel. Take each day as it comes with its ups and downs.


  • Count your Blessings: Sometimes reminiscing on good times kind of keeps us in check, thinking back to certain high points in our lives; how far we have come and things we have accomplished motivates us to see better days ahead. Juts take a pen and a piece of paper, write down ten things you are genuinely grateful for; it could be anything – maybe waking up, sleeping, and eating. Even the simplest things about our lives are centered on a lot of joy and appreciation. Expressing Gratitude instantly boosts your mood in amazing ways!


  • Smile: Problem no dey finish, sometimes enjoy small. Smile, be happy, and surround yourself with lots of positive energy. The act of smiling can turn a frown upside down and lift your mood!


  • Set a Goal and achieve it: It could be anything, something simple or basic; maybe re-organizing your workplace or tidying up your room. Small successes are huge mood payoffs, enjoy that moment of accomplishment and intimate satisfaction with yourself!


  • Dress up, Do something nice: Get dressed, apply some makeup, wear something nice. Treat yourself to some place good with great vibes and energy! A casual nigh out doesn’t hurt anyone, can be with your friends or by yourself. Regardless; enjoy that moment, let go of your worries have fun and feel free!


Hope you had an amazing read! Remember; always breathe In and out, take one day at a time!

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