RIVERSONG Rise 10 Powerbank + Cable

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RiversongSKU: PB57+CM08

Title: Rise 10 + Nylon Mirco USB
₦5,900 ₦7,200


Riversong Rise 10 power bank + 1 of 5 fast charging cables.
RISE 10 10000mAh Power Bank PB57
Longlasting, efficient and super slim fit power bank Rise 10 has been gracing the world with longevity and great quality support charging system.
Rise 10 has been highly rank for its great work and look, steadily providing comfort and pleasure to users.
A well-labelled function.

A soft press power button to ease the status of power
A product made with a quality matte material

Well orchestrated curves and blended shape to give comfort in holding

Ultra-compact power bank fits easily into your pocket, has a rounded and slim design.

It can fully charge your phone 3 times!
Simultaneous charging of two devices at once.
The battery is equipped with a charge indicator.
2 USB port and two charge connector of both Mirco USB and Type C.

Nylon materials Cable.
Superline USB-A to Micro USB Cable,
Superline USB-A to Lightning Cable (iPhone),
Superline USB-A to Type-C Cable

Material: Nylon Braided + Aluminum alloy
Colour: black
Max Data Speed: 480Mbps(60MB/s)
Current: 3A(Micro)
Length: 1M
-3A Fast Charge
-Tangle-free Nylon Braided
-Bending Resistance
-Strong Band
-Well Design and Smooth

PVC materials Cable.
Zeta USB-A to Micro USB Cable
Zeta USB-A to Type-C Cable

Material: PVC
Colour: black
Max Data Speed: 480Mbps(60MB/s)
Current: 3A(Micro)
Length: 1M
-3A Fast Charge
-Strong Band
-Well Design and Smooth

Riversong produces high-quality cables in PVC and Nylon materials.
Choose the port of your cable according to your phone. If you are using an iPhone, choose the lightning cable. If you are using Android phones, it could be either Micro USB or Type-C cable fits your phones.

What's the difference between PVC and Nylon?

Some of the most significant properties of PVC are:

Density: PVC is very dense compared to most plastics.
Economics: PVC is readily available and cost-effective.
Hardness: Rigid PVC is very hard.
Strength: Rigid PVC has extremely good tensile strength.

Nylon is used for a variety of applications to include clothing, reinforcement in rubber material like car tires, for use as a rope or thread, and a number of injection moulded parts for vehicles and mechanical equipment.
It is exceptionally strong, relatively resistant to abrasions and moisture absorptivity, long-lasting, resistant to chemicals, elastic, and easy to wash. Nylon is often used as a substitute for low strength metals.
It is the plastic of choice for components in the engine compartment of vehicles because of its strength, temperature resilience, and chemical compatibility.

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