Sace Lady Smooth Professional Face MakeUp Set (SL234+SL265+SL236)

Save ₦3,500
SACE LADYSKU: SL234-03 Natural_SL265-01 Pink Lady_SL236-01 Buff Beige

sl234 Face Concealer: 03 Natural
sl265 Face Blusher: 01 Pink Lady
sl236 Face Powder: 01 Buff Beige
₦4,000 ₦7,500



 Sace Lady Smooth Professional Face Make-Up Set

Concealer Corrector- This is the perfect face corrector which can be used both before or after foundation. It perfectly hides and covers spots, blackheads scars, and disc coloration. Use for a flawless and matt finish.

Face blusher- This gives you an instant radiant for the face. It eliminates tiredness and dullness. Apply this on the face after face coverage and powder.

Face Powder-This is an oil-free and long-lasting all day and night powder that gives a flawless texture and, naturally sets powder and gives a smooth finish on the skin. 



Face Blusher

Face Powder


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