Sace Lady Flawless Face MakeUp Set (SL220+SL234+SL222)

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SACE LADYSKU: SL220-Primer_SL234-03 Natural_SL222-02 Fair

Sace Lady 15ml Oil Makeup Prime: Primer 15ml
sl234 Face Concealerer: 03 Natural
sl222 Foundation: 02 Fair
₦4,400 ₦5,500


Sace Lady Flawless Face Make-Up Set

Sace Lady 15ml Oil Makeup Primer- This primer creates the perfect canvas for any foundation, concealer or powder. It instantly minimizes pores and creates a smooth surface for makeup to easily glide on and stay on for a more flawless complexion that lasts all day. It is vegan,12 hours makeup primer that fights shine.

Apply a thin layer over clean, moisturized skin, and follow with your fave foundation.

Concealer Corrector- The perfect concealer for a smooth face to hide dark circles, discolourations, scars, scars, and sun damage. 

Foundation- This gives a flawless look for everyday make up look. Hides enlarged pores, uneven skin tones and it gives matte finish for an entire day.

Face Primer





SACE LADY Face Foundation Cream Base Makeup Professional Matte Finish Make Up Liquid Concealer Waterproof Brand Natural Cosmetic

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