FOCALLURE Full Coverage Oil-control Liquid Make-Up Foundation

Save ₦1,600

Color: 04 Natural
₦1,900 ₦3,500


This foundation ensures full-face and lightweight base coverage, it allows the skin breath gives a perfect finish. covers pores, spots, sun spots, and discolorations. It is easy to blend and can be used for both professional and everyday make-up. The natural extract present in the foundation ensures that fine lines and wrinkles are minimized.

How to choose colours:
Very fair skin tone: 01
Fair skin tone: 02
Natural but fair skin tone: 03
Yellow skin tone: 04
Yellowish blackish skin tone: 05
Healthy skin tone: 06, 07, 08

When two similar colour numbers cannot be selected, it is recommended to choose a deeper colour number to make the skin more textured.

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