ORIENTAL SELECTED Corporate Style Buckle Design Women's Hand Bag

Save ₦5,700
Oriental SelectedSKU: ORIENTAL SELECTED-Bag 007 Brown 3 Buckle

Color: Brown 3 Buckle
₦9,800 ₦15,500


This is a well designed structured formal leather handbag that is suits every woman personal style. It is constructed from quality leather material which ensures a high durability for everyday use. The design and texture is timeless which also makes it a wardrobe essential.

It is a perfect design and colour for every occasion and events including casual and formal. This bag is spacious and would fit women’s everyday essential carry-along like makeup, documents, wallets, purse, mobile phones, note pads e.t.c it takes your from day to night without worry.

It comes in two different designs ( 3 Buckle design, Single buckle design) to serve your personal preference. 

The bag includes extra strap.

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