Sace Lady Daily Full Face Makeup Set (SL222+SL220+PU+FA31)

Save ₦2,700
SACE LADYSKU: SL222-04 Natural_SL220-Primer_Pu_FA31-01 Warm Ivory

Foundation SL222: 04 Natural
Primer SL220 & PU: Primer & PU
Concealer FA31: 01 Warm Ivory
₦5,300 ₦8,000


Sace Lady Daily Full Face Make-up Set

Foundation - this is applied after using the face primer, it gives a matte finish, covers imperfections and pores, it hides dark circles, blackheads, scars and sun damage, it gives a flawless finish look.

Concealer- This is the perfectly pigmented concealer for a flawless base. It is waterproof, easy to apply, and non-crease. 

It is vegan,12 hours makeup primer that fights shine.

Primer- This primer creates the perfect canvas for any foundation, concealer or powder. It instantly minimizes pores and creates a smooth surface for makeup to easily glide on and stay on for a more flawless complexion that lasts all day.

Apply a thin layer over clean, moisturized skin, and follow with your fave foundation.

Beauty Sponge- Give you a flawless foundation, concealer application every single time. Makeup Sponge, apply it like a Pro.



Face Primer


Beauty Sponge

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